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Thanks for your kind explanation. We’ll see how October goes then :) (at this point I just wish to completely get over my ex and finally move on). I’ll definitely contact you again in the future. Meanwhile, I’ll keep watching your YouTube videos (I’ve already subscribed to your channel!). 


Many blessings, 



Just quick feedback, Anyway I don’t want to take your much time I believe you have strong power and spirits in your control really effective, I meet local Tarot reader but the way you take up never seen - very clever! You have special blessings for sure. Very few people have that!  Like your accent-could be California. Thank you so much will come back to you for next reading soon.  

Regards - God Bless You 


Hi Jennifer, firstly from my heart to yours Thank You i truly appreciate the time, clarity, and your gift.  I would like to extend to you how much this whole entire reading resonated from start to finish. I just wanted you to know how much it resonated with me  I can not thank you enough I truly cant and I will be referring people to you for sure!
Thank you so much.

Much love light and many blessings

You are so on point.. wow I’m speechless. You are so on point.

Thank you so much.  

Best Kassy, 

Thank you so much for looking into my chances, your insight was a tremendous help, and I look forward to another reading. 


Wow. That was spot on. I don't even know what to say. But I have been VERY conflicted. It's a battle between what I feel like I want vs what I should do. Thank you so much.


Hello Jennifer,
Just wanted you to know that my personal reading was insanely accurate.
I also want to thank you for being genuine, loving and kind. 

Love to you

"Jennifer is the real deal because even though I have some tears right now I believe my angels and ancestors worked through her/her cards to bring me the messages I needed to hear today. For me, it was about healing before … what I hope for … can return. A bonus was Jennifer telling me how to heal - so I feel very fortunate. Don't miss the chance to work with Jennifer. She has the ability to connect with the people who cherish us - through her cards, authenticity, and loving light - who have messages for us but need Jennifer  to aid, attend to, and minister to us. I will never forget the experience I just had with Jennifer for the remainder of the time I have left on this earth."


Jan De 


I just wanted to say thank you for giving me such a personal, empathetic reading.  I appreciate the extra information that you pulled out of the reading. 

I hope you’re having a great week ❤️


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