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Yogmudra Yoga postion

Updated: Feb 17, 2021


After the physical body is purified by practicing asans and taking proper food. Mudras are practiced in advance sadhana.

- When the abdominal intestines do not function properly they develop knots and start contracting. All these disorders are rectified by mudra.

- All the disorders of the liver such as lack of blood supply and swelling are cured.

- All the parts of urinary system are toned up and their functional capability also improves.

- Constipation is caused when the process of contraction and expansion of the large intestines comes to stop. YogMudra tones up our digestive power and thereby removes constipation. The system then functions properly.

- Because there is pressure on the heels on the groin and the pelvic region our spine becomes flexible and it eliminates excess fat from the lower abdominal and waist line.

- It also helps flow blood to the brain.


Sit in lotus. Keep the neck and waist erect and extend the arms behind the back. Grasp the left wrist with right hand. Close the left hand thumb inside the fist. concentrate on the navel chakra point.

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