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Purify your environment without burning sage

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

I travel a lot for work, and I had to overcome not being able to sage my environment because when ever you travel you are not allowed to burn anything, so I have learn techniques that you can you to purify your environment when you travel.

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1 Comment

Apr 29, 2019


Thnx for this information 🙏

I have a question actually,i've read on a few sites that burning Sage can be dangerous when you already know there are negative or demonic entities around you or trying to enter you,is that true?

I always used to burn Sage but the past year been through hell,a Very long story and it's not over yet😢 anyway the last time i burned Sage i had real scary paranormal experience,i haven't felt so scared in about seven years and believe me i Also have a gift and a read your Story and my dad past away when i was 1y old from cancer, and from the moment i could talk every night i stood…

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