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Meditation - The basics

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

My first meditation class, was with a woman who said, she had done it for 15 years. She read out of a book to teach us; She told us to sit on the floor or on a mat, and to keep our eyes open and look four feet in front of us, but don't stare to much. She said, don't pay attention to your thoughts, during this experience, I kept being distracted by the constant shifting around by other people in the room. My eyes kept focusing and un-focusing looking at the floor. My body felt uncomfortable and restless for the entire 10 minute mediation. After, we were done, we were allowed to ask questions. We asked what is it suppose to feel like? What thoughts should I think about? Her answer was nothing is right or wrong. After, this class.

I had tried so many classes and paid so much money only to be disappointed. I still couldn't meditate.

One day, I got so frustrated that I was about to just give up. Than I thought, I will try one last time, I told myself I will not get up until I meditate. I sat with my legs crossed on the floor and I played a shamanic drumming CD. I sat and sat, but I willed myself just to sit and it took about a half an hour of sitting and finally it happened. I got lost listening to the drumming and I felt like I was getting smaller then bigger. This lasted about 20 minutes. I then came out of it. And felt as though I had, had the best sleep of my life. Now years later, I realize not every meditation is going to be good, but you stick with it. I also, realized keep it simple close your eyes, fold your hands and just sit rather that be in a chair or on the floor. Don't think too much about going on with your thoughts, just sit and relax, that's how it starts. You just have to know you can do it. As time goes on you can focus in on this or that. First, relax. Blessings to you on your new journey of meditation.

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