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Get over your ex for good!

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Through my practice and through my own experience; why is so hard to get over your ex. We create energetic bonds which tie us together, especially if we had a sexual relationship with that person. It is important to sever these cords that hold us together. There are many methods to do this, but I will go over three techniques to accomplish this.

First Technique: I would recommend is cutting of cords.

We would imagine, having a pair of scissors, and we would take those imagine those scissors cutting the cords that are connected us and our ex. You would cut the cord from your heart charkra, sexual charkra, and if it was an abusive relationship you would also cut the sacral chakra cord to the person. When doing this, you don't want to hurt the other person, so when imagining make sure you visualize that person with the cord going back to them with white light. Keep doing this technique until you don't feel your ex anymore.

Second Technique: Rose Quartz mediation

Very simple just get a Rose quartz crystal and mediated. You would envision, all of the negative attachments to that person leaving you going up into a white light. Let it all go. Than lay down and place the rose quartz over your heart charkra and feel the loss being replaced with a pink light of love. Once you have felt, a release either throw the stone away in water or bury it in earth or cleanse your crystal using salt water.

Third Technique: Burning feelings.

Take a piece of paper and a black candle, (if you don't have a black candle any color will do) write down all of the feelings you have about your ex. Burn the paper and release all feelings as paper burns. Do this as many times as it takes.

It is important once we do one of these techniques to then let new love in, if that is what we want. When we give, we receive: this is universal law. We can also strengthen our mars and Venus by doing planetary mantras. Mars would be done either on Tuesday, or at the right planetary hour. This will increase your sexuality and passion. Venus's planetary mantra would be done on Friday or at the right planetary hour. Venus will increase our love and beauty.

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