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–– Everywhere is Sacred if you have the eyes to see it –

Intuitive Readings

INTUITIVE READINGS - Tarot - Astrology - Numerology 


Jennifer Walker Zen

Jennifer Walker Zen is an internationally known generational spiritual intuitive, and empath psychic. Jennifer has studied different techniques of reading tarot, lenormand cards, and oracles cards. Jennifer has over 24 years of experience with working with thousands of clients with relationship coaching through tarot readings to help people build great relationships so they can grow happy with the people they love. Jennifer's other areas of study have included astrology, numerology, Reiki, yoga, meditation, and near death experiences, NLP.   Jennifer left the corporate world to set out on her spiritual path after a strong awakening, while studying for her CPA and going to graduate school which was the final understanding that she should leave the corporate world, and pursue a spiritual path. Jennifer became recognized with her Youtube channel Jennifer Walker Zen, and has authored of the The Eye Of Zen Oracle Cards.


Her first major experience with the paranormal was at the age of 9. Jennifer remembered her mother saying, right out of the blue,” Your great grandmother has just come to say goodbye, she has just passed away.” Jennifer thought to herself what is she talking about? A few minutes later, her mother received a call letting her know that her great grandmother had indeed passed. Her mother would continue to share experiences of people who had passed on throughout her childhood.

Her second, introduction to the paranormal, was at the age of 14. For her birthday, her uncle gave her a tarot card deck. It was a starter deck with pictures, and words at the top and bottom detailing what each card meant. She remembered that there was in instant connection to the cards that she couldn’t explain it. 

Her third interaction with the paranormal was a much darker one, as a teenager. Her grandmother had been diagnosed with cancer and given a month to live. Jennifer was devastated. Later that night, Jennifer had a dream that her grandfather was going to die first, and she saw his funeral with great detail. she woke herself up from this nightmare with a sense of shock, and dread because that simply made no sense. She convinced herself, it was all just a bad dream. A year later, however, her grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and succumbed to it rather quickly. These tragic events trigger years of psychic experiences which helped her realize her gifts.
At the age of 28, she had a huge awakening, and all those things, she had suppressed, resurfaced. The awakening brought her to what she describe as spiritual balance -- a mind, body spirit approach. 

“I am called to this journey!” You have more power then you think. Attract with your higher will.



Jennifer Walker Zen has a youtube channel which provides tarot & spiritual topics videos every few days. Please subscribe for weekly and bi weekly, monthly, mid monthly tarot horoscopes readings for each Astrological Sign. Learn about love, your soulmate, and much more.

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